Mistyping on forums

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Re: Mistyping on forums

Postby GoldenFrogFigurine » Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:57 pm

There is a lot of mistyping on forums but that is just how things go. Everyone is a beginner at early stages and you develop from there. Mistyping is great, much better than 'no-typing' I think!
I've done my fair share of mistyping - both myself and others. But it's not so bad, I think that if you have some sense of fun or curiosity or just 'something' then it is quite alright to type as you like. The spirit in which you do it or 'how' you go about it is more important than the act itself. So if you suspect someone is mistyped then just go ahead and say so, why not? It could be beneficial to everyone.
People often feel quite strongly about these things, their type, so my general advice would be to take things only as far as the possible mistype is open and willing to go with it. It's a dead end otherwise. People tend to get defensive very quickly.
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Re: Mistyping on forums

Postby Loliza2 » Fri Oct 25, 2013 2:21 pm

Hi peeps :-)

Skyboy - I see no issues with suggesting that someone considers another type. It's just your perception or experience of them after all.

Have you considered that you could be a 6 main type? The intense response to 6s and your descriptors of 6s made me wonder. Maybe a tad of projection? :P

Enneagram typing can be so complex and yet also so simple! Once you see the type you wonder what ever made you doubt it...
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