NASA’s New Horizons spacecrafts survey of Pluto

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NASA’s New Horizons spacecrafts survey of Pluto

Postby Kitchen Fly » Sat Dec 13, 2014 2:25 pm

For some time i have been waiting for the arrival of NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft to Pluto.

One of the things that fascinates me is the Soul's journey within Greater Natures Fixed Design the Galaxy and and perhaps even beyond.

For some time more than a decade I have been gently thinking about "19 Boundaries Of Creation" and how that may relate to our location with in the Solar System and its operations in Hosting Life organic life Human form e.g. an organic hologram for the Soul, to perhaps role play life within Matter.

I have posted my thoughts about the six inner Asteroid belts Jupiter and the two Asteroid clusters one before and one behind Jupiter, on its orbiting line around the Sun, the Trojans.

Six plus three equals nine. Wether the instincts being the six instinctual variants have a working relationship/correlation with the action of the inner Asteroid belts is some thing to possibly consider. The Law of Severn could all so be considered in three ways if a seventh, is thought of as Man , The Sun , The Earth. The seventh the circle of the enneagram. In a way that suggests there are three relation ships simultaneously taking place , the six inner Asteroid belts working with the Sun and the Earth, and the Mind of Man.

I also thing of the Kabbalah's Ten Point System when think of the six inner Asteroid belts Jupiter and the two Asteroid clusters The Trojans and naturally the Nine Points Of The Enneagram and Holy Love, "the reconciled man".

But it is the number nineteen that interests me, and structures/structure. I like what i understand of Gurdjirff's cosmology the moon as would 96 and Russell A Smith Ray of creation not that I have a fluently understanding he math but there seems to me to be a gap at a practical level of Big Things and Einsteins wormhole model pops into mind then I recall something that fascinated me back in my young school age years, about an Astroid that travels around or through the boundary of the Solar System and sweeps out 4/5 of is orbit beyond the width of the solar to a point and around a point in space, that is believed by astrophysicists or astronomers to possibly be a wormhole. It the astroid has an orbit 4/5 of 5/5 out side of the inner solar system. That ratio has fascinated me ever since and stuck in my mind. It he ratio reminds me of he Hole Brain Model four parts quadrants A B C D and he centre representing he unity of the hole brain.

some may think how can a small astroid moving through space at what seems a slow speed have anything to with a larger mechanism to do with the Souls movements within the universe. But I think the key to relating to this concept is time. We see Time in a liner manner, but i be leave that time operates in multiple ways and the egoic mind sees time differently to the essential Being of the Soul. I think as there is a left and right in Nature this all so applies to the workings of time. Backward and forwards before and after are not separated from the perception of now that mind sees with in a relevant time line that relates to creation and entropy of life and the time span of systems. For example i recall seeing or being aware of future significant life events of my life's narrative and conversing with other Souls organising actions to take place in the adult years of my lives spans narrative. This action could only acer if the past and future and the now are three parts of one within the flow of time. So the slow moving astroid that moves on a path orbits like a bike chain between two cogs. may all so be moving at a speed that is as fast as an electron orbiting the nucleus of an Aton from the view point of an other scale with an other relevant time scale. what is fast maybe slow and what appears slow maybe fast depending on the perception from different perspectives. With in the would of the Atom if we there to be with that small universe perhaps the Electrons may seem to be lazily orbiting the Nucleus. One further point relating to the concept of time having a left and right aspect or two ended direction, i think this may have its foundation stemming from Membrane Theory, there in two membranes collide and generate a Big Bang that start another scaled cycle of a universe going though a life span from Big Bang through to the formation of Suns and Galaxy's through to decayed left overs of an entropy cycle braking down Red Dwarf and Black Holes into microwaves levying only two forms of microwave, the long microwaves left over from the Big Bang and the microwaves from the decay of all that was created, from the Big Bang. The remaining Membrane made from the collision of two separate Membranes of vibrating microwaves may act like a candidate for the copulating process seeking to mate with another compatible Membrane fertile with vibrating Microwaves of two types its vibration maybe like its song a code like song the Membranes DNA communicating with other Membranes DNA for the evolution of systems at that scale mature. I think of the Membranes Two Types Of Microwaves and the Membrane Parcel as being in principle like, the changing of the law of three - + and neutral the space within the membrane as the neutral. And then two membranes collide the negative and the positive or two types of microwaves from both membranes are brawn together into a single point and the Berth (BIG BANK) of a newly generated Membrane begins. The Neutrals from both membranes at the point of impact remind me of the centre and the boundary of the unity created and it reminds me of the symbol of the Absolute where the centre has two points one of which is the boundary of the Ever Changing Universe. I also think Dark Energy & Dark Matter may have relation ship with the role of the two neutrals. The generation of dark energy and dark matter within the fabric of space time may simply be the galaxies naturally speeding within the membrane filling the space of the membrane. It maybe a transfer of location the filling of space and the concept of Dark Matter or Dark Energy being created and pushing the Galaxies apart maybe a miss perception. the Galaxies maybe simple drifting though Dark Energy to fill eventually the space of the membrane with created microwaves for it maturation stage of life so as it may copulate with another Membrane.

So Membrane A and Membrane B that created C the Newly Created Membrane may within Membrane C be the active of the concept of left and right of time the left of time maybe generated by the remnants one of the two A or B and the right of time maybe the remnants of the other of the two B or A and the Now maybe the generated by the created Membrane C Time may have three components. Something to think about and consider as a posable expiation or theory. The Law of four can be thought of within the unity of the uniting of two sets of Negative and Positive shared microwaves colliding into a single point so can the law of three and in a way my law of five sand the law of severn. May Law of Five would be seen as the union and the four separate enteritis of two sets of microwaves fusing and reacting as one within a moment that may remain within the living charge of the newly created "old microwave" from the moment of the big bang and the to be created microwaves from the entropy of the Suns and Galaxies and such that stems from the processes. So it all kinda loops in together. My law five or five dot model is not Allen to the Hole Brain Model of five parts A B C D and it Centre the Hole Brain. But that drift of in to my three on and two off two on three off theory another subject.

So thinking of nineteen boundaries of creation, I start with the Astroid and give it a value of one, then I give a vague of one to the wormhole and a further value of three because I reason that three forces must or may pertain to the void of the worm hole as a porthole for the Soul to travel between woulds.

So now I have five. 1+ 1+ 3 and I have fourteen remaining of the nineteen. My theory may come unstuck because some years back it was stated that Pluto was two moon size objects each having one satellite moon making four objects with a ratio of for each moon to the other in mass size combined 3/5 one object to the other object being 2/5 of the 5/5 of the combined mass of the two moon. And it was stated that they orbit each other within a 3/5 2/5 axial like orbit plane.

So I was excited with the math and sore a correlation between the 4/5 of the 5/5 orbit of the astroid that is said to orbit what maybe a wormhole.

So my theory had 1+ 1+ 3 and the four object that was said to be Pluto on its unique orbit around the sun and planets.

1+ 1+ 3 +4 = 9 ,Pluto (4) Three Forces (3) The WormHole (1) The Astroid (1) equalling a value of nine unit values of the nineteen i am seeking.

The remaining ten are - Jupiter, The Two Trojans, And The Six Astroid Belts and Earth.

Ten plus nine equals Nineteen.

But I have herd in the News recently, that early results from the survey of Pluto reveals that there are five objects not four a with very small satellite moon. So sadly i scratch my head and feel disappoint meant that the simplicity and elegance of my model maybe and most likely is inaccurate. Because it was the inter orbits said to be taking place that was the fascinating element. 2/5's 3/5's with in a 5/5's axial like swing movement.

2/5's - 3/5's , 4/5's - 5/5's

I still look forward to learning what is sheared about Pluto from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft survey of Pluto ,and perhaps what is real maybe of some value to the enneagram community in understanding the Soul's Journey within this Solar System as a home , And The Greater Universe.

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