confused about the TriTypes

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confused about the TriTypes

Postby taxmoms » Thu Nov 27, 2014 6:42 pm

In October 2014 my wife and I attended Tom Conden’s enneagram workshop in Portland on the high side of the enneagram and I asked his opinion of the TriTypes. He thought it was an interesting idea but he had no fixed opinion on it. So I decided to test it.

In November of this year, I listened to your youtube video and took the ten sets of enneagram cards I ordered from you and tested a group of enneagram people who have been meeting with my wife and myself for one solid week every fall for 14 years. We have study the enneagram, subtypes, wings, and enneagram health levels and how to use this knowledge to become financially free.

In the cases where the people have been studying the enneagram for over 10 years, those tests showed each tested person dominant type was in the right center. For example the 2 tested in the heart center, the 7’s in the head center, the 8s & 9s in the gut center etc.

We tested three people who were just introduce the enneagram, two tested with their dominant type showing, but not in the correct center. One tested where their dominant type did not appear.
I do not know if I am using the cards rights or not. I am confused.

For example, I am an 8 and according to Tom Conden’s enneagram workshop I go to the high side of my 2 and 5, which is expected, but the TriType tested me as a 1 and 4. I understand I have all 9 types . Sometimes I do act like a one. I dp have MY RULES such as “you will not change what you can tolerate” “If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.” But my life has not always been run by rules my rules have changed over time. . These were only developed base on my adult life experiences on how to become financially free.

I do act like a 4 sometime and develop unique options. For example, we are creating the Art of Sustainable Living on a 80 acres ranch in Oregon and everybody living and working on the ranch has to become familiar with all aspects of the Enneagram. in addition we are developing off the grid methods of living when the “lights go out.” Some of our methods are very unique.

So my question is how does the TriTypes fit?

Is it the high side of my Type?

Is it the Low side of my Type?

What is the relationship of your dominant Type and TriTypes in the non dominant centers?

Any insight would be appreciated.
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