Enneagram Type, Tritype, Instincts and MBTI Survey

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Enneagram Type, Tritype, Instincts and MBTI Survey

Postby Katherine8 » Tue Sep 30, 2014 4:18 am

Enneagram Type, Tritype, Instincts and MBTI Survey

Dear Fellow Enneagram Enthusiasts,

As many of you know, I love to study all things ‘Enneagram’ as well as a diverse number of personality typologies. I especially like to correlate these typologies to find patterns that will shed additional light on the nuances of type. My hope is to make it easier to identify, understand and work with the 9 Enneagram Types.

To that end, I am conducting a new study correlating Enneagram Type, Tritype, Instincts and MBTI. I am looking for new patterns, of course… but in addition, I wish to confirm earlier patterns that emerged in a 2011 study I conducted on this subject matter. That study consisted of roughly 400 participants and the results matched what I have found with clients. Now that many more people know their Tritype, I wish to broaden the scope. I wish to verify my early findings with a larger sample size and I wish to ask additional questions.

I am hoping this data and the clusters that emerge will help us to better understand key differences within Enneagram Type and demonstrate how these three typologies influence one another. For example:

Are the 478s primarily the I/ENXP?
Are those with 4 in the Tritype usually the sexual/one on one instinctual type?
Are the MBTI Fs most often the sexual/one on one instinct?
Are the MBTI Ts most often the self-preserving types?
Do social Instinctual types first mistype as type 1?
Do ESTJs mistype as 8s?
Do INFPs mistype as 4s?

If you would like to participate in this study, please make sure you are on my Enneagram Explorations email list. Thanks! Katherine
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Re: Enneagram Type, Tritype, Instincts and MBTI Survey

Postby Kitchen Fly » Sat Dec 13, 2014 10:59 am

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Re: Enneagram Type, Tritype, Instincts and MBTI Survey

Postby Kitchen Fly » Sat Dec 13, 2014 11:03 am

Hi Katherine8, you have undertaken a large challenge and i hope for you much success in advancing the correlation between these perspectives of minds operations.

In my undertaking of recording the 16 mbti types and the two un-recorded, so to say..mbti types within the operations of the enneagram as a primary 18 type system working in unison with a mid point within matures operation where in the left and right within the order of nature is a multiplicity no separated from mans autonomy as A Living Action.

I believe the Key to correlating the three system being mbti ennea-subtype and instinct is simply focusing on agenda. When observing and interacting with an other the important thing is to draw the individual to type and the agenda of there type. there is a simple art to solicit the mbti energy from the core energy of the individual as a subtype.

For your edification the art requires the balancing of the three instincts at a Naranjo level there in the three instincts of the 27 types are in essence directories of the the three in to three of the Id Ego and Supper Ego or 4 5 9 thinking one on one SX focus Instinctual energy expression, 7 8 3 sensing social SO focus Instinctual energy expression, and.. 1 2 6 feeling self preservation SP focus Instinctual energy expression.

The art involves in-powering the individual ,to honestly exposes there sub type free of bias from one individual energies agenda of the three instinctual energies. a interesting paradox acres where in the phycology of the individuals subtype phycology reveals its self in a clean notation forum being the subtypes mbti setting for that individuals subtype.

I am a believer in the understanding that the key to successfully accessing the first Shock to access the Second Shock and proceeding though to the Third Shock of be reconciled with Man s three force primary nature requires the starting point of the true expression of the individuals subtype energy,. one of eighteen energies that play an intricate role in the mind of man.

One of the masterful contribution from Don Richard Riso was the inclusion of the sub-type for each of the nine energies, phycology fixations,.. within his his two most important books, understanding the enneagram and personality types.

You can find my one to one correlation recorded via google searching, mark anthony rockliff

Some of my important information has mot been sheared on the net or in forums like this that are FIG. 4 , FIG. 2 and FIG, 3 from my expired Australian Provisional Patent entitled
A System For Indication Personality Type. Filed At the Brisbane Patent Office, Queensland, Australia.

Good luck with your research Katherine8
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