The soul is in control of life and all events.

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The soul is in control of life and all events.

Postby Kitchen Fly » Sat Apr 26, 2014 1:35 am

I'm not a feel ly type of person even though I am an INFP I sense the would. But on thursday morning I was sitting in a hall and felt my experience shift into a sadness and felt almost to cry for no logical know reason. I stayed with the experience having an awareness of the point four step of the enneagram of letting go and I allowed my self to experience my self as I was, witch was fine because I had no conches dialogue to a compony the emotion. The sadness and emotion stayed with me for twenty minutes or so and then lifted and I continued with my day and activities after allowing my self to feel what it was that I was feeling.

I was curious as what was the catalyst for the emotional way, it that I was experiencing, a different aspect of a point energy, an aspect that was needed for advancing my work into allowing my self to uncover new insights into my intuits/ think, feel---sense model and the blue red control colour temperatures, and the ideas that where running though my mind concerning the directions of the circle of the enneagram and the three instincts and nine energies, was I experiencing, the control and its effects on red and blue from the control as fluctuating radiation fluctuation within Being in a different fluctuation order, providing me with an experience uncommon to me, an ISFP 6w7 experience, so as I could integrate aspects needed from that point energy necessary for me to maturate in my development, and concisely recognise elements of actions, that are relevant, for a continued developing understanding, an understanding of the flux that I am curious about , the complexities of the living enneagram and light a form of electromagnetic radiation as a modality of the intelligent enneagram. The body and the brain are full of electrical activity that emanates light and or radiation so it is posable that at some level a code in the activity of light is relevant to understanding the intelligent enneagram.
( - red -- yellow/control -- blue - ) .. Could there be a set of hidden patterns could all the structures within the enneagram be linked to this simple four part construct:
(- red -- yellow/control -- blue -) .
( - red -- yellow/control -- blue - ) .. I think it is posable,. and my mind is racing away while thinking about the posable pattern shapes. for example Controls influence on point six one and two could flow from two directions around the circle of the nine enneagram energies and the different influences from blue and yellow could could influence red in more than one way revolting in a different expressions of Instinct and point personality energies in all nine energies including the (Super-ego Id and Ego dynamics) and more... as I am sore ,your-own thoughts and imagination can speculate upon. I idea fascinates me as a conceptual possibility.

Well as it terns out no my suspicions for my experience was not directly attuned to such an action. Well perhaps I was utilising that verdant of my being, but. My mother rang me last night and informed me that she had received news on thursday that she had stage IV melanoma cancer witch is a most likely terminal out come for her mortality. The soul is in control of life and all events. It seems once again I have attuned to the body of a cared for one from a far. Its not the first time and I am aware that it is a common thing for family members to feel the grief and and strong emotions of authentic shock and concern within those we connect with in a bonded manner.

Well its all going to be an interesting experience for me, i will most likely be moving back to my home city to care for my mother in her final stage of life. I think some time in this fortnight i will leave to assist, Im ok with it all, because it is a natural think life and death, so I will have to be sensitive to express a natural level of emotion, even though my tendency is to be quite level headed and dismissive of emotional inflation and the emotional inflation within others over normal subjective expressions.

Last night I could feel my emotional body and this morning I have been going though a range of emotions that are relevant to the situation. And thats ok. I realised that as an Sx/sp that my emotional inflation moves in two directions around the triangle that I predominantly occupy Sx/sp to So/sx to Sp/so for emotional response involuntary, and Sx/sp to Sp/so to So/sx for emotional reaction involuntary.

I will need to pack up and move, so I will most likely not continue posting on this sight for some time as my mind will most likely be focused on other things than the normal, enneagram explorations, it like to consider and theorise about. But who knows the mind is a funny thing, I may have a supper learning curve as I yield into this experience of assisting my mother with her palliative care.

Anyway If I do not post for some time or do not return to this sight in the future, it will be due to life circumstance , having to relocate and tend to matters that occupy my time and focus.

So I hope my posts have been helpful, and thank you ,to the forum hosts of this forum, that has been a catalyst to me and my meditate on such subjects that I have explored while posting on this sight.


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