The Law of Three and the Law of severn made easy.

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The Law of Three and the Law of severn made easy.

Postby Kitchen Fly » Wed Apr 16, 2014 3:14 pm

One easy way to conceptually impression the two laws. The Law Of Three & The Law Of Seven ,. two workings..working in progression,. is to view a high quality visual-graphic of the working model in action,. of the hydrogen Atom. Vier a medium that demonstrates the three orbits of the working hydrogen Atom. The hydrogen-Aton has a single electron...that orbits the orbits of there tracks and moves at excessive speed randomly jumping between the...the three orbit tracks.

To gain a working impression within your own perception requires the self to ,in-vision, go within the minds eye, the imagination and view the speed….the flux flow, of The Single Electron. To view the orbits, with such speed and such a consistency that the electron appears as an impossible possible-action, that traces a path that generates a semi opaque visual patent ,that is a continues flow, with an interconnecting continuum.

Because you are in control of the working impression you are able to abstract the model by manipulation. The Speed, a play in time, to a consistency of base moving elements, leaving and entering,. three orbits. Adjusting the speed the Six Dot being a single-dot/ electron,.can become three two ended lines. According to the length of the three evenly proportions lengths at the seemingly 1/2 speed-length, between with and within, three orbits. it is semi transparent because of the high speed of oscillation,. "recall logic", it electron , travels at such a speed that it appears all most,. as a continuum and a continues line. As if a semi shaded, all most visible three sectioned continues line with three portions and three section it is traveling it being the single electron at femoral speed is speed of oscillation between all three orbit to appear as one line, a fluxtating vortex.

This may seem tricky and having say WHat … it may help if you inversion a pulse like a binary techno "Music-Pulse", wherein the music is filter to both hemispheres at two slitty different speeds. The speed of the slower binary pulse sound can be thought of as the middle ordit, the speed of the faster that connects with both other orbits, the orbit above, and the orbit below. The speed of the faster binary pulse can be thought of as the top and bottom orbits. booth portions of the impossible object like 2/3's can be seen as the average speed between all the portions, an even speed, that is all ways visible, as if the top and the bottom are of a third implicate,. .,being the moving middle, of the fluxing model, the moving model.

It may sound incomplete as a description. But it is an optical elusion abitory assisted. That the mind creates. So the top and the bottom orbit entering and exiting speeds are equal, and different, to the seemingly slow middle ordit speed as they exit from and to.

Any way the Law of three is represented in our self generated experiment by the, three two ended lines, and the law of seven is represented by the six ends of the three lines ,. leading edges being differing locations as if different speed points on the continum path of the moving electron. The six exit and entering locations of a single moving electron moving between three orbits, are viewed from a starting point of three dots. as like the six points are the six exit and entering locations markers of the three dots ,as if the hole visual and auditory impression .. is being played out on three dots between two speeds manafesting six dots sequentially located to manifest a visual elusion. additionally assisted by, a two part three phase pulsating flux. A Six Pointed Fig..with three two directional path flowing between the three lines of the triangle, connecting three parts of six ends. The three orbits flowing between the six time differing points of a three point, three orbit, time path, maybe part of the visual cognitive understanding. The eletrons movement between the two,. exit and entrance, and Its weave, can be the manifesting of the seeing, of the impossible object, made posable, because of the six differing speeds and the three consistencies of a two force action in three locational medium being one electron an a single path between three orbits with a multiplicity of entrance and exit points on all three Paths Being Three Orbits.

That could be a model worth generating vier a visually generated graphic. ..and God Bless the Soul that creates a moving graphic that demonstrates that action for those who can not utilise there own Visual Imagination to generate such a Perceptual Action WithIn Another ,Selfs Own Mind.

The simulation, is a good surigate prelude to, an action a self generated experience, of making the law of three happen within with-in-the-selfs-own-being.

I hope that is helpful.


mark Anthony Rockliff

9w1 Sx/Sp/So ,936,963,369 , 9w8 5w6 4w5 , INFP , 1221 -D Type.

IEA France : Russ Hudson - Le triangle et la loi de 3. Extrait du

An interesting thing about the numbers one six three is that the sums add to Ten,. and it reminds me of that Physics statement; Is is a line or is it a dot. The line reminds me of the numeral one in the sum number ten and the zero reminds me of the dot or in the case of the Symbol of the Absolute, The Two centres in the form of the dot at the centre and the dot that extends out to creation in the Form of the circle that defines the created Universe.

So in short ,. the one the dot or and the circle of the symbol of the Enneagram,. so the one can remind me of law:3 and the dot can remind me of law:7 and the circle can remind me of the proposed law or four, law:4. Further more the law or four, law:4 can be seen in thought or thought of as , as a mini model of the electron traveling on an orbit.

Numbers are fascinating at a metaphysical level of the metaphysical properties of numbers, because they can help us generate an understand, ..of our story ,and a knowledge the knowledge that underpins structural structure...that explains: Hosts; that witch hosts our stories..story. Cosmos.

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Re: The Law of Three and the Law of severn made easy.

Postby Kitchen Fly » Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:34 pm

At every location upon the surface of our globe, the Earth. are there consistent variations at every different location meaning every location has a Magnetic field value , measurement ,and if so dose it contribute to the enneagram type of the national psyche of separate nations and or local regions ?

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There are many ways to interpret the enneagram. My model works with three triangles grouped as 369, 147, 258.

Each instinct variant type, Sp/Soc or Soc/Sp, Sx/Sp or Sp/Sx and Soc/Sx or Sx/Soc are all making use or one of the three triangles, and the 3,6,9 triangle.

So each of the six instinctual variants are made of the three triangles and the unity of the three triangles is the unity; Holy Love.

Tritypes is real, trifix is real, and there is an other that I have never herd spoken about on this discussion board that is all so real that relates to the law of severn and Points 1,2 4,5 7,8 and the center of the circle and the Law of three and points 3,6,9. This dynamic I believe has has five parts.

Example Sp/So ( 8 4 9 5 1 ) and for the So/Sp ( 8 5 9 4 1 ) or Sp/So ( 8 5 9 4 1 ) and for the So/Sp ( 8 4 9 5 1 )

Some may argue ( 8 5 9 4 1 ) for both Sp/So and So/Sp, and that the 5 is only present for the So/Sp making four parts. And the 4 only present for the Sp/So, all so making four parts of the Point Nine ID component that the Sp/So and So/Sp draw upon.

I say all arguments are most likely true and valid, and that the 4 and 5 come from side B and side A, doth at the same time.

The Point seven works for the the So/Sp as the Point Two works for the Sp/So because as 8w9 utilizes the energy of point 7 so 9w1 utilizes the energy of Point 2 and Two is connected to Point Four and Point One as Five is connected to Point Point severn and Point Eight.

My point is, the shape as a mechanism and play between points is larger than the horizon of or understandings.

At the level of the stacks the geometry and the rules seem to be deferent and seem to take a deferent configuration. Part B or side B is a 2Pye opposite meaning all Points have a, 2pye opposite, making an Enneagram, with 18 Point locations nine on each side of the two dimensional plain of the circle. Part C is the center of the circle.

I try to embrace and understand the shape and operation of all components in order to tease out the hidden structures and mechanisms at work with in the Enneagram and at a sub conches level as I like tritypes and other ideas because they are good lenses to view through in order to understand what is driving the personalities actions.

Hear is a new idea for you to think about.

Three triangles and Holy Love has seven points and six edges. The six edges has the parts and the bifurcation between the three parts is the the instinctive energy's located on the circle as Points 3,6,9.

The six edges has three parts that occupy Points 1&2 and join at the center meeting the other two triangles stemming from Points 4&5 and 7&8 and the bifurcation between the three parts is the the instinctive energy's located on the circle as Points 3,6,9.

Sow there are many triangles or groupings of three at work with in the balance.

The Black Hole Wars: My Battle with Stephen Hawking

Dr. Leonard Susskind said that the mind is not really equipped to understand the inner workings, of a black hole, we are equipped to understand our normal familiar three dimensional surroundings. I think,. In a way Bob's view is like the conches and Alis's view is like the subconscious, and the horizon or singularity, is like the unconscious, the body of the form, the black hole.

The question of, can we really picture four dimensions, or one or two dimensions is interesting.

Dr. Susskind is correct we can't in our own minds eye.

But I am thinking, we can understand it, it being one, two, three and four dimensions, at some level. Because we all have access to our conscious, subconscious, and to some degree our unconscious,. we may have to sleep on it , it being an idea or a complex concept, but at some point the penny drops, and we can have our own eureka moment,. I get IT.

He is a good man Dr. Leonard Susskind. I like his patient methodical manner of explaining complex things that would be near impossible to understand with out simple explanation.

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