Time shear accommodation and a curious view.

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Time shear accommodation and a curious view.

Postby Kitchen Fly » Sun Apr 13, 2014 1:27 pm

Kitchen Fly hear,. I was searching for inspiring venues,. for a weekend of feasting and pleasure ,and found my self at this wed site address:



Wow!..what a beautiful venue this would make for a weekend
of fine dining and relational activities with a lady Fly friend
I have in mind to get a way for the weekend with ,when
out of the corner of my eye I sore these curious views
that relate to self and the selfs activity.

This diagram could have an ninth: Metaphysical Presence


This one has seven qualities,. six could be, in a way directly alined to the Six Instinctual Variants, and the seventh could also be linked to; Metaphysical Presence / Metaphysical Awareness.


Intelectual (point:1 SP )
Social (point:2 SP )

Emotion (point:4 SX )
Vocational (point:5 SX )

Spiritual (point:7 SO )
Physical (point:8 SO )

I had just finished recording some Ideas in my new quest to unravel why it is, that types fluctuate and move from there Base MBTI Enneagram type setting.

I recorded,. The stronger the manipulation the more active active the instinctual variants the less able the individual is able to experience there Base MBTI Energy Type Base Setting for there Enneagram Point Type.

And thought to my self why is it the learn ed persons are unable to recognise this simple factual truth. And the thoughts that came to mind were; pious generates great Ignorance ,. pious is the egos diet..

Well that maybe true or it maybe incorrect or partially accurate.

Then I sore some thing with in an other signature that to me thinking about my own structure. It was a state meant that MBTI is a dud because it changes for that individual from week to week. Naturally I thought of the Instinctual variants as being the flux influence that was being identified instead of the still Base MBTI Base Type for the 8w9 sx/so that had posted the signature comment.

This popped into mind for me after having done some work that is visible within my post Two Force & Law:Four the multiplicity feel feel think think by Kitchen Fly » Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:36 am,. relating to:

………..….…..Intuit ....…. Think…..
.……….........Feel ....……. Sense….…

It may seen silly but this abstract drawing has many layers of interpretation. Two Force and 4 Boundaries 3 Segments , two force -energy and mass, 4 Boundaries; Intuit, Think, Feel, Sense. 3 Segments - R, - A, G, S, H, - M, Y, S, E
- R could be the meat in the sandwich and - A, G, S, H, - M, Y, S, E could be the bread or the four outer dots side A & B and - R could be the meat C or "C". There are several ways of intuiting or thinking about the Abstract Drawing.
I kinda think its good art but if you think of the four words ..Intuit .… Think .… Feel …. Sense…. , along with, - A, G, S, H, - M, Y, S, E, it can all so be thought of as 3 Segments.

But two Force and 4 Boundaries and 3 Segments works nicely with this diagram two:

……....…......…… 2
………...….4 …....….......4

…….....4 .....…….……....…..4

…….......2 ......….…...……. 2

…..…..…...... 4 .….... 4

3 Segments could be seen as the: 9, 4, 5 Id, 3, 7, 8 Ego, 6, 1, 2 Supper Ego (2, 4, 4 set of three groupings) , And interestingly 2, 4, 4 set of three groupings, 9, 1, 2, & 3, 4, 5, & 6, 7, 8, or 6, 5, 4, & 3, 2, 1, & 9, 8, 7.

Any way there are lots of patterns. At the moment I am thinking about the table of because the pattern has 3 and 4 and 6 and in the 1 energy mass diagram.

What popped into mind was a simple impression of the my eight wing 8w9 action of my eight wing being associated with my sx my sx/so. This was interesting because I had never invested any energy into considering my sx/so as being linked with my eight wing. I mostly think about my sx/sp being driven by my core nine energy.

And that lead me to think about the core nine energy of my type being SX ,. Sx/sp predominately orientated,. and my one wing as possibly being linked to SP,. and the eight wing being possibly linked to SO.

So my first thought are that the activities of the point energies and instinct energies distracts the self from noticing the Base MBTI Type activity as a stable energy constant, and the stable constants of the other relevant points with in the types structural fluctuations. There will be more to it than that but I model it simply like this. Where in the Head, Hart and Gut are pulled out of a relaxed state by the Instinctual Variants, and that action disallows the Base MBTI energy to be active within it role as an expression personified or easily visible. Is it a clue that our,. go go active achieve gain sustain and plan ahead life stiles, that are demanded by the pace of modern life, is with holding our ability to emanate the relaxed nature of our inner core MBTI flux?

I am at this early state of my investigation thinking so that this is a polarisable initial explanation, worth considering. That our base MBTI settings (Harmony) for each type point type, is being over shadowed and manipulated in to a altered set of notes that hold our songs Rhythm -(Tune/agenda) and Melody the Instinctual variants inputs (‘beat’ or ‘tempo’).

Head -
………. - "BASE
Hart. -
………. - MBTI"
Gut. -

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