9mind7.com New Enneagram based app - need beta imput

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9mind7.com New Enneagram based app - need beta imput

Postby gnotus » Sun Feb 23, 2014 6:09 am

9mind7 - The life changing app - 9mind7.com
9mind7 ® is a revolutionary app that has as its purpose, supporting the improvement in human relations and self-development through the use and wisdom of the Enneagram.
How many times have you tried to please someone you like and your efforts were completely misunderstood? How many times have you felt the frustration of miscommunication, being understood completely contrary to what you intended? How many times have you felt your thoughts, emotions and impulsive behaviors affected your most willful intentions?
With the 9mind7 ® app, not only will it be possible to understand your patterns of thought, feeling and action, but also to achieve sustained strategies for growth and improvement.
9mind7 ® also allows you to learn more about the personality of the people around you. The whole process is developed in a dynamic and interactive way, using the logic of game as a resource.
Playing 9mind7 ® you will develop skills in recognizing other personality types. In a fun way, you will learn how each of the nine types of personalities reacts regarding relationships.
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