The 9 with the 469

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The 9 with the 469

Postby NingenExp » Sun Jan 06, 2013 8:14 am

I'm going to sum up my journey with the enneagram in terms of discovering my type

I often read that others know their type because of some arousing revelation. That's still not my case.

I met the enneagram 6 years ago, in highschool. My friends believed I was type 5 and, after answering an online test, I came out as a 4. I didn't took it seriously, but one year later I restarted my journey. Then I read a bunch of online descriptions, I read one mediocre book that was available in my ex-college library and almost read The Wisdom of the Enneagram. I thought I knew the basics of the enneagram, but something was missing. I wasn't sure of my type. I tried almost every type out (except 8) and that confused me. It was really important for me to feel and know that I am similar to others, as my so-called type of person. So, comparison have always been important for me when I ponder. The problem is that every type, with its variety of exemplars, made me feel like an incomplete version of it. I am not really sure of the way I see me now and if it's congruent to my historial. I know I use my mind a lot and I think I am a 6w5, but there's just one thing that makes me wonder. I have read that gut types are interested in autonomy and I was thinking that maybe all the traits I've got from 5 are just those ones that are stipulated in terms of my personal boundaries. Of not letting me to be affected. I have always believed that I act more like a 9 in stress than any other type in stress. I can be oblivious, disengaged, resigned, carrying a facade of indifference. I almost feel like an empty body that can be dragged down wherever others want it to be. I can feel so exhausted, wanting to go home, far away from people. So, yes, I can find reality quite overwhelming and I can find others very intrusive. I think you know where I am going. I want to know what makes a 9 with 946/964 tritype different from other 9s considering that both cores are reactive types? And even more, considering a 9w1 with a stress point in 6-4? Or maybe other 649/694 relate to my experience? To my lexicon? To something? When I think of me as a kid, I see an engaging kid with no ambition and, resentfully, with no identity by his own. Sometimes I look back to see nothing in my way. Sometimes I just become aware of me being completely unaware the last hours. I have mood changes, but I don't think they last long. I seriously want to know whom I can compare myself with. I don't think I am objective at all. In terms of MBTI, I think I am an INTP.
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Re: The 9 with the 469

Postby GoldenFrogFigurine » Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:36 pm

Well it took me a lot of time as well. Because you relate to everything and react to everything while not identifying strongly with anything much it becomes troublesome. My experience, however, is that tri-typing has helped me get that 'big picture' that I need. With it things begin to make sense. I am 946, not just a 9 and with that many things are explained very accurately.
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Re: The 9 with the 469

Postby suewill » Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:06 am

thanks for your post
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