What's your Tritype?

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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby Galen » Mon Aug 13, 2012 2:09 am

hey check it out this website's alive kinda sup with that

hi hello hey, I frequent the facebook page a lot. I type as sx/sp 6w5 649, although if someone can pose a good enough argument for 648 I'll fly with it. I identify with notion of the "Seeker" in the sense of having bouts of existential longing not tied to anything immediately graspable, but not so much with the apparent timidity and soft-spoken nature that comes with others of the self-proclaimed 649 ilk I've seen.
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby porkie » Thu Aug 23, 2012 7:39 am

I have not known 469s to be timid or even soft-spoken on the whole - they can be pretty outspoken - though they have patterns of being unsure of themselves at a core level, doubtful in general, indecisive, and wary. Identity-seeking is a big thing with them. Ideas about "trying out different identities" resonate with them, and lamentations over missed opportunities to learn about themselves are common.
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby GoldenFrogFigurine » Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:48 am

946. A challenge of mine, and something I'm guessing is typical for the 469, is doubt in particular as it relates to typing. Scooping up what is relevantly 'me' is not easy at all. I recognize many behaviors inside myself and they are equally 'me' while running their course. It is hard to know which is more frequent, this wing or that, and I grow doubtful. For instance, I more or less relate to a handful of archetypes, they all seem more or less valid. I feel at home in neighboring spaces if not quite as much as homely main types.

I enjoy mapping myself but struggle with what goes where? Is this 5 quality evidence of 4w5 or 6w5? Could be either. Later on a light goes on it was really something relevant to an instinct. The pattern seems to be finding yourself, step by step, doubting,testing, discarding until there is little left.

I only somewhat relate to being doubtful. On my own, on the inside there is no doubt. Fundamentally, I am confident. I'm good with reading people, I know what I know and see what I see, I am hard to fool. But there are many gray areas in life that I notice and other people do not. To me, unclear messages is a source of stress because I do not assume I know what people mean when they are not being clear. If I receive unclear instructions I turn doubtful, sometimes it feels overwhelming and I typically go a bit grumpy and do not bother. It is true that I frequently use ambiguous words such as 'maybe' or 'possibly' but I think that the doubtfulness of 469 is a paradoxical result of seeing things more clearly than most people.

We know that we don't know, but sometimes we feel bad about it, deficient, like we should know just like everyone else. A little action goes a long way to rid ourselves of that pesky doubt because then we know if it works, or not. Making a mistake is not so bad.

Well that is that, for now. =)
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My tritype

Postby NingenExp » Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:45 am

I am a 6w7 sp/so with a 694 or 693 tritype. My cognitive type is NeFi (with a considerable use of Si). I'm modest and pretty much in midterms with everything around me. Sometimes my life seems blank to me when I compare myself with others that apparently have a more complex relationship with themselves and others or a seemingly more exciting life, full of highs and lows, deserving of being portrayed in drama, novels, films, series and such. I base my identity mostly on knowing I'm ordinary independently of how self-devaluing it is. I struggle with the fact that I cannot state all of us are ordinary with no less or no more value than anyone else. Some people cannot live without adorning a simple life with interesting twisted traits or behaviors that I sometimes rationalize as exaggerated just because I cannot come up with a genuine interest for my life and personality. Sometimes I think this is the right path. That I'm killing my ego and purifying me because of it. But I really think (through all the useless hope) that I'm just reinforcing my ego in a different manner. I don't want any kind of sympathy. I also know this is who I was and not who I'm going to become, even if I fear the perpetuation of my self-contempt. No one is against me. No one that's not me. I had this vision of two versions of me, one younger than the other, fighting against each other in the arena of my head. I let myself be carried away. I think I'm searching for a source to prove I am becoming something I would admire (or that I have already become, even if it's difficult to assert it when I feel so convinced of the exact opposite and the alarms ring whenever I try to tell myself to not be so hard on myself and to look at it from the bright side or whenever I try to come across as someone spectacular, trying to deceive others with a tale that cannot be trusted because my actions have spoken nothing that impresses myself on others, to feel the validation I hardly receive fom myself, which is even more pathetic). I do not believe I am interesting. And lamenting it changes nothing. I feel I should take impulsive, stupid actions like cutting myself or looking for posionous relationships or simply escaping from any kind of mundane privileges that I cannot understand why I feel so attacehd to, but even so it still remains unchanged. Again, carried away. Why the emotional delivery? It's useless and irrelevant. And inherently false.
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby NingenExp » Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:53 am

Wow. I was brooding over there. Now I feel cold about it. I'm getting used to the momentariness of feeling and the truth it unfolds. Now I don't think that's me. It's a darker me that I can see overcoming me in moments of deep introspection but he just peeks and then I bury him or he stays inside, maybe because he knows he's alive there, like a flame that avoids any breeze to keep on illuminating, warming me up or incinerating me gradually and stealthily. It's the wound and it's the healing. I am the one that feeds the fire. Whatever, enoigh bs from me. Some thing are still true though. I still self-type as a 6 sp/so (sometimes I catch myself romanticizing my social part instead of my self-pres one, which makes me think I could be so/sp, but then I realize I'm just concealing the evidence that I'm sp-first). I think I am 694 and I'm also not meek, soft-spoken and timid but confused in terms of who I am.
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby Loliza2 » Fri Oct 25, 2013 2:42 pm

Ningen ex, I'm so sad that no one responded to your posts! Don't understand 100% of all you said but in short I believe we are ALL special and in a unique one of a kind way. Boring and without the stuff of novels and dramas is saying you see yourself in comparison to others. This is no way to live!
Be you for yourself and your own happiness and not a version you believ to be legit in this or that way.

Be happy. ;)
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby Insight » Sun Feb 23, 2014 5:54 am

I saw this on your youtube channel and in the beginning I wondered how it worked. Once you had explained it, it made sense to me. Once I had time to figure mine out I came up with 4 6 8.
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