What's your Tritype?

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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby BroNerd » Sun Jun 12, 2011 5:14 pm

I am not 100% sure at this time but for now I am thinking 613 with 6 being very much in charge.

I am a goal-oriented person who doesn't like being controlled by others..I am a friendly person. Sometimes, I come across as too mild/passive..I see it when people think they can control me. They are often surprised when they see I don't let myself get pushed so easily. Being a phobic Six makes it hard for me to truly stand up to someone though often and I end up relying on an "avoidance strategy".
I focus mostly on competence/technical knowledge to get ahead in life so I don't go out of my way to manipulate/mobilize others.
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby Plush » Sat Jul 30, 2011 7:35 pm

I'm also still trying to find out my tritype. And I even am confused about my core type again. All I am sure of is that having any 8 or 3 in my tritype is highly unlikely.

The last two tritypes I was typed to be were:
692 – "The Good Samaritan"
612 - "The Supporter"
(names as suggested here: http://www.enneachat.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=69#p224 ).

But I must say that I don't relate to the names of those two archetypes all that much. And I couldn't even say which one I relate to more. They both don't seem spot on - despite me being an INFJ. If I felt that those two archetypal names were correct in my case, I probably wouldn't look into the Enneagram at all because I would think that the MBTI is enough for me to understand myself.

My test scores - which are quite consistent even if I try to score differently - would actually even suggest I'm a 4w5 6w7 9w1. So:
469 - "The Seeker"
the name of which I can relate to a bit better than to the other two named archetypes.

Since recently I'm also thinking about maybe being a strange and spoiled 7 since when I thought I were a 5, someone said that I don't seem like a 5 - only if I were desintegrating.

I could go on...
So still a lot to find out...
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby porkie » Tue Aug 02, 2011 5:19 am

My Tritype: 468

With wings (heavy): 4w3-6w5-8w9

Instinctual stack: Self-Pres/Sexual

I'm one of the quietest versions of this Tritype, I'm sure.
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby minnie » Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:25 pm

Trityping is fairly new to me but is helping to explain a lot about my worldview. I think my tritype is 469. It particularly plays itself out in the social realm via shame, feeling utterly different, feeling hunted when very insecure (with no real external evidence to back the feeling up) and then by succumbing to a desire to merge with the group by lying down and playing 'dead' like a puppy. The merging brings short-term relief until my need to express myself takes over. If I can't I feel sickened by my lack of authenticity, if I can I do which opens me up to feeling exposed and ashamed again so I withdraw to avoid feeling hunted.
This was a largely unconscious cycle till a number of years ago and even then my awareness of it was fragmented. I couldn't explain the seeming randomness and contradictory nature of the process. Trying on this tritype to see how it fits is helping me follow the general pattern more clearly. Problem is now I'm aware of it it is painfully and agonisingly present. Next step is accepting it with some compassion. In the meantime, I'll continue fantasizing about upping sticks to a new home in a foriegn land where none of this will follow me.
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby Vwoop » Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:37 pm

I reckon I'm a 648 so/sx. I think I have Eightish motivations, not so much behaviour, like avoiding being controlled (I can't stand it, makes me feel downtrodden) and wanting to keep control of myself. But this is where the Six kicks in, because I don't want to have responsibility over others. It's never interested me. Now I think the Four comes from me being very dramatic when under stress (it is not the best of ideas to move to Four when under stress, d'oh) and I will get bursts of creative energy, especially in English creative writing, I love that loads.
I internalise anger as much as I can, but if it's with someone being inconsistent, I will absolutely explode at them. It happened recently, actually. Someone was being simpering to me, trying to hold onto our friendship. I wasn't having that, they were just being nice to appease me. So the next day I just shouted at them for it. I don't want to be lied to. I also hate when parents lie to their kids about Santa and the Easter Bunny, I mean, they're gonna find out it's a lie one day, why disappoint them on that day?
As for my stacking, I found this website (http://ocean-moonshine.net/e142857369/i ... tion=87:80) that tells you the characteristics of the Stackings and not just one instinct, which I really liked. One common trait between the so/sx descriptions was that they all use humour and charm - sounds like something I do. The Six also allied with individuals, which sounds like me - I only hang round with my best friend, I can't stand big groups of people, I want to bond with a few people. I don't feel you can do that in herds of 20.
So I'm very much a Truth Teller, haha.
6w7 - 4w5 - 8w9 so/sx
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby dek2000 » Sat Oct 15, 2011 3:51 am

Is there a place to read a description (not just the name) of the 27 Archetypes?
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby pluie » Mon Jan 30, 2012 9:23 am

I'm pretty sure I'm 469, but sometimes I wonder if I'm 649... I'm really freakin' self-absorbed and sensitive. And I used to literally think my emotions made me who I was--and that was what was 'constant,' so I could know who I was--which was something I NEEEDED to know (all though the phrase itself is quite mysterious.)

Hesitance, uncertainty and indecision are motifs of my life. But mainly due to an ability to see pretty clearly and strongly different perspectives at once, and to deeply empathize at the same time. I've usually been seen as either very timid (and probably fidgety and nervous) or as closed off in a 'tough' way... I'm often complimented for my 'insightfulness' my constant need to understand in the most true way possible (endlessly questioning and doubting, and saying "but how do you really KNOW?") and also for being very genuine. I've been criticized for not be confident and clear enough with my ideas (in school especially). I became extremely anxious for a long period of time because of a sort of 'existential crisis,' where I wasn't sure I had a motivation to be alive, until I could prove to myself that some philosophical construct meant that I had a reason to be. I was essentially searching for a feeling-- something like God-- through my mind, when that wasn't where I'd find it. In my psychoemotional crisis, I basically turned myself over to authority, hoping someone could finally 'snap me out of it' and also truly understand me. Speaking of which, the needs to be understood and heard and to emotionally express myself have generally been key throughout my life... Most of my life I've also felt the need to be connected to at leas SOMEONE was always extremely important. I consider myself to have a connection with someone I can be very emotionally expressive with and very honest with, and also be uncertain with them because they'll accept me... and people who are overly bold or domineering often irritate me. I identify with a need to be an individual (immensely). I identify strongly with a need for a belief system and friends that I can always rely on. And I can see the world unravel around me when I feel 'grounded' enough, so that I can see the usefulness and beauty of patience and compassion. Yeah, man.
REPOST: And I am fairly certain my main instinctual variant is sexual... but I'm not so sure which one follows second. On a few tests it's usually unclear, too, with sp/so being pretty balanced.
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby I-ma-ruin-U » Fri Aug 10, 2012 5:35 pm

I think I am a 468 Social 4w5. 8-)
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