What's your Tritype?

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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby Riley » Mon May 10, 2010 7:42 am

Going by types alone, I relate most strongly to 4, 8, and 5. I also relate to 7, but to a lesser extent, and to an even lesser extent cp 6 and 1. I've read your tritype descriptions for 48(5/7):

she said this is the the most intense type, particularly if sexual. Intutiive, knowledgeable and direct. This is the type that really craves knowing what makes people tick and builds what she calls mental or internal maps that are quite astute as to what makes people do what they do. This tends to be the darkest of the tritypes because of the intensity of the 3 types (particularly if 4 or 5 is in charge). David said there is a propensity toward the grotesque, anatomical or intensely esoteric.

This is the "true scholar" and the life mission is to disseminate what information is found. The blind spot is this has 3 types that can be prone to arrogance and the attachment to the internal map of what they've found can make them blind to new information as it comes in. So there will be a tendency to become fixed in their worldview or ideas particularly about people and not take in new information. So while the map is quite extraordinary that they've painted, they may miss a whole region and thus not have the full picture.

This is also the most cynical and the tendency to be so overly opinionated can make people turn off to their wisdom. She said when 8 is in charge there is a bit more compassion, and with an integrated 5 or 4 in charge you get a gifted spiritual teacher (Russ Hudson for example)

478 (847, 784):
Description: If you are the 478, you are intuitive, innovative and straight-forward. You want to be original, inspirational and self-possessed. A cutting-edge tracker of both your internal and external worlds, you are an unconventional, passionate master of solutions. Outwardly, you are confident but inwardly you are emotionally vulnerable.

Life Mission: Your life mission is to find truth and communicate your findings. A true messenger, you are happiest when you use your creativity to find compassionate ways to understand yourself and empower others.

Blind Spot: You can be so focused on your opinions, insights and what is new and profound that your freedom seeking nature can come across as arrogant, resistant, and/or uncooperative.

Taking types alone, I'd guess my tritype to be 485, but I don't relate to the mapping you talk about. While I am definitely drawn to the darker sides of life, I'm not drawn to the superficially dark and grotesque (that related to visual images and other surface layer distractions). My interests go to the heart of human nature and the ways in which this darkness plays out in the world and in the psyche. Part of this is the inherent potential in people and in the world, both the potential for greatness and transcendence and the potential for utter depravity, psychopathy, violence, and how each is and can be justified by a warped worldview. I see immense possibility in every experience and love that there is always something new to explore, to uncover, to learn about. I see limitless potential in the universe and would love to spend eternity exploring it. But exploring the reality of the world does not mean focusing only on the positive, but delving into the guts of reality and tearing out the truth, the passion, and the purpose. The assumption of light without darkness is ridiculously narrow and limiting. I'm not afraid of pain. I embrace it. I can't imagine a life without pain, the life everyone else seems to have. It's foreign to me. But I think it makes me truly alive, because I'm aware of that which they all miss.
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby Crooner » Tue May 18, 2010 10:11 pm

Just saw Ironman 2

Tony Stark - Narcissistic Seven with a bigtime connection to Four. Psychological healing and turnaround comes after receiving a posthumous message from his father.

They were words that James Dean in East of Eden would have killed to hear from his own father. Actually, in East of Eden and in the biblical reference, each character really did kill or get someone killed, in hopes of hearing such words.

Co-fixation in the Gut for Tony Stark: the Outlaw Eight.
Seven-Eight-Four Tritype.

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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby oceanlife » Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:09 am

H revjen,

I'm 649 too...some days 469, and some 964 ;)

My mind automatically scans for rejection, conflict, and inclusion/exclusion, whenever I'm focusing on *me* (for example putting myself 'out there' with my music - which is my absolute heart and soul). Whenever my self and esteem and worth is on the line, whenever I've made a personal *effort* to engage or simply self-express to others, I'm basically a wreck.

However if attention is not on me, I'm fine...often one with nature, internalizing the world, being receptive and in touch with my inner self, entertaining myself with my mind, desires, fantasy...I can do that in my own privacy and on my own terms and I'm happy to not need others. But I'm too often pulled to find myself in the world (and show myself to it) to stay isolated for long. I can (and often do) get passive and can let a lot of years go by spinning on the same ungroundedness, not really pushing myself out there for fear of rejection and not being what I envision myself to be (wish to be). I have a lot of 'go along' energy that I fall back on when I need emotional and psychic rest.

Do you relate? K or D comments?
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby Katherine874 » Thu Jun 03, 2010 9:40 am

You have picked the qualities of the tritype that you identify with. Which do you see as the dominant type? What is most important tritype that you identify which type is the ceo, also clarifying the stacking of the instincts is essential to clarify which instinct is running the show, Together they create the dynamic structure of your personal egoic defense strategy. With this information you can determine where your attention goes, what you do, and why you do it.

Your defenses will remain unchanged until you expand your awareness and seek competent authorities. Enneagram experts can enable one to understand the dynamic created by working with the combination that helps you to unlock the secrets for greater wisdom.

What impressed you the most?
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby smcc4 » Sat Jun 05, 2010 1:42 am

I'm a 468. I'm direct, as I find this is the best way to communicate my feelings, or myself to others (being as sensitive as I am, I try my best to be compassionate, or not step anyone's toes while doing this. My mom says this makes me articulate). I feel confident in certain areas, but not so much in others (though I'd die if anyone knew that.) Others have told me I am funny, and seem tough (though I cry at the drop of the hat.) I'm a good judge of character, and am very intuitive. I can tell when people are dishonest or not how they want to seem, and it frustrates me when others do not see things from my perspective. If a friend undermines my judgment, I feel betrayed, and they seem disloyal. I find my biggest struggle is feeling hypersensitive. I can recognize when I'm being that way, but if something upsets me, it's often an incredibly overwhelming and powerful feeling that I feel I can't just put aside. At the time, I feel reacting is standing up for myself, but I later feel badly for hurting someone else.
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby Katherine874 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 5:40 am

The 469 is the most doubting tritype regardless which type is in charge. It is also the tritype that most struggles with a constant sense of self. They can also be somewhat passive. The only tritype more passive is the 269. The 269 is happier in presentation.

The 468 is always visible as this tritype shoots from the hip and voices their concerns and opinions. :) They are the truth tellers.
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby Riley » Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:28 pm

I decided to approach thinking about my tritype from the position of defensive maneuvers.

First Layer Defensive Strategy
- shut down
- leave/escape/isolate
- lose trust
- the walls go back up, fortified
- refuse to be touched by or to touch others
- don't acknowledge the offending party or any of his/her supporters; I don't want to talk to that person, and (s)he becomes effectively "dead" to me
- if forced to acknowledge the offending party, I attack and go for the jugular (verbally, usually), especially if I had previously been open, engaged, laughing, joyful, trusting/let my guard down, etc.
- if you effectively "punish" me for opening up, it is a horrible betrayal and I cannot forgive it
- in the process of isolating, I almost always dwell on and even enhance the pain, often through listening to poignant music directly related to the emotions, so that if I'm angry it makes me angrier, and if I'm sad it makes me sadder (this works with good emotions, too)

Second Layer Defensive Strategy
- when pushed past limit I confront head on, with neither tact nor apology
- my attack is a cool, collected, yet scathing rationality pushing and poking at known weaknesses and buttons
- become shockingly callous
- my arguments are irrefutable because I use reality and facts as my weapon and I'm right (I attack with what I know is right)
- me vs. the world becomes even more pronounced than it usually is (and it's usually pretty strong)

Third Layer Defensive Strategy
- completely escape/leave: cut all ties
- "I don't need you and I never have" mentality
- go inward, seeking out what is important, real, and what really matters, and my own uniqueness and inner strength, power, talent, etc.
- everything else becomes irrelevant: people, things, obligations, expectations, previous goals/"dreams"
- can and often seek to destroy or discard material items as a rejection of the other, even things not associated with the other just to prove I don’t need anything or anyone
- at rock bottom I tend to have creative epiphanies that take my pain and transmute it into an artistic form
- I tend to cut myself off from practical action and avoid anything mundane, routine, boring, etc...this cutting off reinforces the creative connection as creation becomes the escape (for example, my collages were all created during a time of intense emotional pain (I was living with some very good, kind people, but they wanted me to be someone I wasn't and am not)...their creation was an escape...I should have been focusing on money, work, and other practical matters, but instead I rejected that)

At Rock Bottom
- My pain actually transformed itself into a story of redemption. I had these images in my head of a story playing out, and it encompassed all of my agony and my life journey and became an allegorical narrative that I needed to tell. I began writing a novel based on it as soon as it came to me, still sobbing as I put pen to paper. I've worked on it in fits and starts since then, since I don't always have access to that same state that gave birth to it.
- I also tend to enter a mindset of everyone else being below me...when that impulse gives form to something beyond myself, it raises me up and diminishes everyone and everything else by comparison. I may be lowly, but you're lowlier still, and if this is me at bottom, your 'top' is base and disgusting and puerile and even at my worst, I'm above you. (Yes, it's quite an ego trip.)

Most Basic Needs/Desires
- LIFE (the word alone is an obsession of mine due to all it represents)
- FREEDOM (I need it like I need air to breathe)
- equality: on a real level, not a superficial one of raising one group and bringing down another in the process
- authenticity: i can't stand people who are fake, or who fake things about themselves for the sake or enjoyment of others
- I am intensely competitive, except for the rare competitions that I care nothing about (such as competing for grades in law school…I didn’t care because I hated it, it was the wrong decision and I was miserable)
- to transcend (myself, others, life itself, the material world, etc.)
- it really bothers me when people cover up the dirty, ugly underbelly, I hate pretending that everything is perfect when it isn't...I tend to rip off the mask and expose reality to the world, or at least to whoever is living in denial of it
- sometimes I feel like I need to create like I need air to breathe, the need, when unmet, is intensely painful and can move me to tears
- want to live outside the system altogether, to be able to provide all that I need using only my mind and my will, needing nothing from anyone else
- truth, loyalty, to be myself, for others to be themselves and be aware of both their strengths and their weaknesses
- want to have just that one other person in my life, my soul mate, the one person who would never betray me (or if he did, he’d be the one person I could forgive because he’d be the one who could get me to open up and communicate when I really want to shut down, withdraw, isolate, and escape), and who would value loyalty and honesty as much as I do
- laugh openly, easily, and frequently when alone, comfortable, and truly myself
- want to be both strong and beautiful because strength is beauty
- torn between wanting life of creative expression using innate talents (singing, mostly) and wanting a heroic life of saving/rescuing/protecting people (I’ve had first hand experiences doing both); reactions as to each:
- performing/singing: hate the build-up to getting on stage and have to talk myself into it, have horrible stage fright, afterwards, I’m relieved that it’s over (there’s a sense akin to, “why did I just do that?!”), but it also spurs a need for recognition and admiration (maybe because I always get it)
- heroism: eager to take up the post, calm in crisis, logical, vigilant, instinctually know what to do, always weighing multiple factors, run “what if” scenarios in my head (even when not under threat), afterwards, there is a proud sense of accomplishment (as well as relief due to having overcome/conquered extreme danger) akin to “I did it! Damn that feels good!” mentality, then my mind goes to the next task, without dwelling on ego…it actually humbles me

Some Particularities
- I HATE to have my picture taken
- I HATE to be touched (I actually yell at people who deliberately touch me on the street, sometimes I swing or hit as a reflex (though it’s sometimes a conscious decision))
- get addicted very easily: to books, ideas, soda, water (when I tried to give up soda, I got addicted to water), to exercise, to lack of exercise, to music, to activities, etc. (I actually get headaches, the shakes, and feel like I could explode or am going to climb the walls if I don’t get the object of my addiction (i.e., if I’m forced to spend time around people when I’m in the middle of reading an engrossing book))
- I am truly an All or Nothing person (I think this relates heavily to the addictive tendency)
- When I’m at parties or similar events, I often am withdrawn from the action and tend to sit in a corner (an isolated dark, back corner, if possible) and write scathing social commentary in a notebook I’ve brought with me, sometimes in formless prose, and sometimes in poems or song lyrics…when people ask to see what I’m “working on,” I cover it quickly and refuse to share it because it’s part of me, and they have no right to it
- NOBODY has the right to touch me without my permission…I don’t understand why people think they have any kind of license to do anything at all to me
- I HATE and fear being trapped, whether in a situation, circumstances, or in a physical sense…I feel like I could crawl or burst out of my skin even just thinking about it
- I love to write and have multiple projects started based on seed ideas, but I don’t develop them further (I do save them) because I just can’t stand getting bogged down in details and constraints…having to constrain my mind to follow one creative line
- coming home and being alone is like a breath of fresh air to me…the only thing better is talking to my best friend/S.O. (one and the same)
- I haven’t had a close friend since elementary school and have always had a very hard time developing relationships (as a kid, I had a memorable slumber party on my birthday with two friends…they got along so well that I felt excluded and hated them both and wanted them to just go away, it’s part of what made me realize that I do really well one-on-one, but have a very difficult time with more than that)
- we moved a LOT when I was a kid, and as a result I drew inward
- my childhood punishments were designed to publicly humiliate, in addition to causing physical pain, were often unjust and out of proportion with action, exerted as ploy to assert control over me (largely over my mental state because I was always intellectually rebellious), and hypocrisy ruled (there was a “do as I say, not as I do” attitude, and this was stated verbatim)
- in reaction to a punishment I viewed as unjust (because I refused to go see Schindler’s List with my father and brother, I was told to write an essay on the meaning of family to be turned in when they returned from the movie), I wrote an essay about the difference between slavery/servitude and family, and how children are not born to be their parents’ slaves
- I absolutely loathe politics and religion
- rejected the church (catholic) i was raised in by age 10-12, based on independent assessment/analysis/perspective and announced that I do not believe in god, and that I view the church as a cult and the members as mindless followers, sheep, relying on a crutch (I view the bible, accurately, as written by men and, in my opinion, to control men and mankind and to get them to conform to a standard that I neither support nor give a damn about)...my family swears this is just a phase I'm going through (for 15+ years?!) and that I'll one day "come to [my] senses and come back to the church," saying that if I don't, I can't get married in the church, but I don't want to get married in the church, I'm not even sure I want to get married at all, ever

Other Types
- instinct: SX
- MBTI: INTP (though I suspect I’m more ambiverted, overall, introvert out-preferences extravert; however I am generally introverted when it comes to people, and ambiverted when it comes to taking action in the world)
- ANSIR: Extremist thinking/Visionary-Healer working/Visionary emoting, Visionary-Healer profile boss
- Oldham: Vigilant (also test high on Self-Confident, Leisurely, Aggressive)
- Western Astrology: Scorpio Sun, 12th House; Venus most prominent; Sun/Asc/Uranus in tight conjunction
- Chinese Astrology: Year of the Metal Monkey, Wood Dragon Ascendant/Hour
- 4 Temperaments: Choleric (1st) Melancholic (2nd)
- Personal DNA: Concerned Creator

Ways I've Been Described
- Artistic temperament
- pit bull
- competitive
- "a little creature that burrows under a person's skin and just sits there, taunting them, and making them think wicked thoughts"
- "i don't have the strength to bounce back from you, you're a f***ing a rubik's cube"
- "you're just so good at causing people pain"
- intense
- intimidating/scary
- exhausting/overwhelming
- passionate
- crazy/insane, but feel protected with me
- nuclear bomb (as opposed to heat seeking missile or stealthy sword)

It should be noted, that as much as 8 resonates with me, I am not grounded in my body the way that 8 is. I tend to live in my imagination and fantasies, though I do have a strong orientation to reality, albeit on a more intellectual and instinctual level...this engages intuition more than sensation.
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby Katherine874 » Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:31 am

Riley wrote:
Katherine874 wrote:I can see these in your collage.

The 847 is the passionate, cutting edge, innovative, compassionate, freedom seeking, creative, non conformist focused on implementing and manifesting their original vision.

The 837 is the slick, expansive, powerhouse, 'can do' person that sees the big picture but avoids feelings, seeing them as speed bumps that get in the way of manifesting and making things happen.

The 845 is the somewhat introverted, intelligent, headstrong, detached, hyper introspective problem solver with strategic thinking and emotional astuteness.

The 835 is the ambitious, tenacious, opinionated, tough minded, hard nosed, foundation building, mental giant that is in denial of and minimizing of their more tender emotions.

835 describes my best friend well, and me to an extent, but your descriptions helped me to differentiate better between the tritypes!

I am able to narrow down the list to 847 and 845. I identify less with the energy added by the 3, though it is definitely an energy he manifests. the 4 neess personal expression

a tru romantic

It is amazIng feedback-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I will keep thinking about those two, though. I will say that my need for freedom is pronounced to the point of ridiculous, and is most likely related to a 7 influence.
YES I SEE THAT...IIt i fluid languid fluid====nt movement.
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Re: What's your Tritype?

Postby Riley » Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:08 am

I'm an X58 sx/so (but would place spiritual first under the four instincts theory) INTP.

To use your formula from the OP:

  • I am independent, indomitable, heroic, sarcastic/blunt/outspoken, resourceful, and kafkaesque.
  • I struggle with the need for: freedom, truth, purpose, the unknown, loyalty, to be believed, the absolute, and ONE unfailing ally (soul mate).
  • I overreact when I feel restrained, caged, silenced, ignored, powerless, blamed, stuck, put on the spot, fake or when others try to make me be someone I'm not, have too many expectations or pointless information forced on me, when I'm forced or told to do anything (including nothing), and when others are actively ignorant and/or avoidant of reality.

Of my favorite quotes, some that I think relate to my 846cp tritype are:

"Dare to Outstare the Sun" (one I made up)
"Rush in where angels fear to tread." (another I made up)
"Innocence has a power evil cannot imagine." (origin unknown)
"Those who fear the darkness have never seen what the light can do." (origin unknown)
"Strength does not come from [religious authority], it comes from an indomitable will." (my twist on a Nelson Mandela quote)
"And can you stand the torture, and can you stand the pain? Can you put your faith in [yourself] when you're burning in the flames?" (my twist on a Rolling Stones lyric)
"When others demand that we become the people they want us to be, they force us to destroy the person we really are. It's a subtle kind of murder. The most loving parents and relatives commit this murder with smiles on their faces." (Jim Morrison)
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